Article 1 - Contract

The contract takes effect with the signature of both parties for the service of the designated customer.

Article 2 - Payment of the deposits and payment

No reservation will be taken in charge without the payment of the first installment.

The deposit constitutes a first payment on the total price of the reportage and shows the proof of a firm and irrevocable commitment of the parties to the contract.

A deposit of 30% of the total amount including all taxes is to be paid on the day of signing the contract. A second deposit of 35% is to be paid 3 months before the day and the balance of 35% to be paid 15 days before the day of the service.

The parties expressly agree that the photographs will not be delivered in the absence of payment of the balance of the agreed price.

Article 3 - Cancellation

3.1. Cancellation by the Bride and Groom

The deposit paid at the signing of the contract is the witness of a firm and definitive commitment. 70% of the total price including all taxes of the service for any cancellation up to 3 months before the date of the wedding.

100% of the total price of the service for any cancellation up to 1 month before the wedding date.

3.2. Cancellation by the Photographer

No cancellation can be made by the Photographer, except in cases of force majeure duly justified.

In case of force majeure, the Photographer undertakes to contact another photographer.

The Photographer will reimburse the deposit paid or find another partner photographer recommended by the Photographer.

3.3 Change of date

Any change of date due to force majeure will be subject to an amendment to the contract.

4.4 Force majeure

Only external events, independent of the will of the Photographer and the Bride and Groom, unforeseeable and insurmountable, making it impossible to perform the obligations, are considered as "force majeure". The party invoking a case of force majeure will have to prove it.

Article 4 - Delivery of photos

The return of the photos will be done within 10 to 45 days after the wedding on private gallery.

Article 5 - Duration of the service

The duration of the service will begin and end at the time chosen by the Customer and defined in the contract. The times are defined and mentioned on the contract. Any overrun will generate a supplement of 200€ per additional hour subject to the prior acceptance of the photographer. The information on the day of the service must be given to the photographer at least 15 days before the day.

Article 6 - Travel expenses

The expenses are detailed at the time of the signature of the contract and will be invoiced according to the following modalities:

- travel by car 0,56€/km

- travel by train or plane: cost of the ticket and cost of the pre/post transport to the place of the ceremony and back.

Article 7 - Image rights and intellectual property rights

7.1. Intellectual property

The eventual delivery of photographs on digital media does not imply the transmission of intellectual property rights on the delivered photographs (Art. L111-3 of the Intellectual Property Code). The photographs delivered are only for distribution within the family circle in the broadest sense (family and guests).

No publication will be allowed on paper (magazine, press, ...) or virtual (internet site for commercial use, transfer of rights to third parties) without the prior agreement of the Photographer. Any violation of this provision will constitute an infringement within the meaning of Article L335-2 of the Intellectual Property Code.

The Bride and Groom will not proceed to any cropping of the photographs, nor to any modification of any kind whatsoever. Any modification will be considered as an infringement of the integrity of the photographs, which may also lead to prosecution for infringement.

Any digital use, strictly for family or private purposes, even on a public medium (social networks) must be done using only the low definition files present on the delivered medium, without alteration, cropping or deletion of the watermark appearing on the files and without retouching or filters denaturing those of the photographer.

Any use by the Bride and Groom in accordance with this contract will be accompanied by an explicit reference to the Photographer's website in the following form:

@ photo: Marion Co Photography -

The Bride and Groom agree to inform the Photographer of any fraudulent use that they have observed.

7.2. Right to the image

The Bride and Groom agree by signing this agreement that certain photographs may be used on the Photographer's communication media: Photographer's website and blog, social networks, books, brochures, flyers, business cards, in the offices occupied by the Photographer, on all existing or future media allowing the promotion of the Photographer, sites and webmagazines dedicated to photography in general or wedding photography in particular, on a book presenting exclusively or in part the work of the Photographer, in the context of artistic exhibitions and/or photographic competitions, including the right of reproduction for catalogs, posters, flyers, and press kits, articles in local, national or international specialized press.

The Photographer agrees to keep the Bride and Groom informed of the various publications of their photographs.

The Photographer agrees not to use the photographs for any purpose that may be detrimental to the persons depicted.

No use will be made by the Photographer outside of his own communication needs.

No rights will be transferred to third parties without the authorization of the bride and groom. This authorization is granted for a period of 10 years from the signing of this agreement.



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Mon approche photographique s'oriente vers le photojournalisme esthétique s'inspirant de la mode, l'art et le graphisme.

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